This is my experience on EFDC. I have been using EFDC for quite a while now. I thought to create this blog to share my experience and help others because using EFDC is a pain the ass sometimes. Hope you guys find useful information in this page.


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  1. Hello !

    I want to use EFDC to model contaminant flow in an ocean. Contaminants are introduced from the shore. It includes water quality, thermal plume and ocean circulation.

    What information is required to run this model. I have worked on ModFlow and few other models but this one is new to me. I need to request the client to provide me the information but I dont know exactly what should I ask for.

    Your kind guidance will be highly regarded. I hope you see my comment as early as possible.

    Many Thanks.

    • Hello Karim,

      Sorry for late reply. The first thing to start with would be to have the shoreline data and bathymetry data first. Which software you are planning to use EFDC model ? I would highly recommend using “EFDC Explorer” developed by dynamic solutions international LLC. I have been using that software for the past 5 years and is very helpful. After you get the shoreline data and bathymetry data, you need to create the grid. EFDC Explorer allows you to create simple grids and import grid from third party applications. Then you need river flow data, ocean tides data, weather data, river temperature, contaminant data to model the site.

  2. Hi Janesh

    Great blog, many useful tips and has saved me a lot of time.
    A quick question if you get a chance – I’m trying to introduce a momentum source at a boundary cell – to include the momentum not currently accounted for in EFDC when transferring discharge across a control structure (driven by elevation). As I understand the momentum would be calculated as if the volume were transferred through the entire cell face (depth x width), rather than the reality which would be through a sluice or turbine. Before I dive into the code I thought I’d check that this hasn’t already been done (currently using EE6). It is the CALHDMF.for diffusive momentum flux function that I would need to update?
    Many thanks

  3. Hi Sam,

    Are you using EFDC Explorer for your model applications ? EFDC Explorer has been significantly modified and have introduced several options for the controlled structures. There are now six different options available to model the hydraulic controlled structures. They are
    1. Flow derived from upstream depth
    2. Flow derived from elevation difference
    3. Flow derived from elevation difference with flow accelerations
    4. Flow derived from upstream and downstream elevations.
    5. Flow derived from upstream depth with low chord
    6. Flow derived from elevation difference with low chord.

    So, I would recommend you to check on these options first before delving into the code. These features are available on EFDC Explorer version 7.2. You could request for a trial license first if you want to try or can purchase the full version which has the capability of modeling hydrodynamics, water quality, sediment transport in a coupled fashion .

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