Using tides in EFDC model

In EFDC there is an option to use the harmonic constituents or tides are the boundary conditions. It is very important to understand all the parameters in the EFDC model. The model allows you to enter the Harmonic constituents symbols and the period and amplitude and phase for each of the tide constituents.

To compute the tidal constituent itself is a difficult thing. However, there are certain codes / softwares available which would allow us to convert the water surface elevations into the harmonic constituents. It should however be noted that while using the harmonic constituents the constant elevation of the average depth should be used combined with the harmonic constituents in order to account for the offset from the MLLW or whatever datum you use. Most of the times we use the MLLW dataum.


2 comments on “Using tides in EFDC model

  1. cna i ask one question? i am the begining user EFDC. i am really happy to learn it step by step. but i encountered one problem. i made PSER file which about tidal elevation(pressure elevation). how do i know it made well ? and actually i tried to run up the model with input files; cell.inp/ celllt.inp/ dxdy.inp/ gridext.inp/ lxly.inp/ show.inp/ pser.inp. when EPDC EXPLOER read thoes files, at the movemet of reading PSER.inp, error happen. it says “there are bad series in the files, skip!” what should i do ?
    thank you so much.

  2. Hello leeheera,

    I am sorry for replying your comment so late. The first thing you can check is whether all the values you provided are numbers or valid number entries. When it says “there are bad series in the files” then may be you are referring to the series that is not created well. Always make sure to plot the data after you provide as boundary condition and this will help to figure out if something went wrong. I would also suggest you to visit and post any question on that forum. That is a very dedicated forum and your question will be answered shortly.


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