How to change a raster into polygon and clip a raster

How to Change a Raster into a Polygon and clip a raster

1)      First of all create the raster from the data from 3D Analyst tools.

2)      After the raster is created go to 3D Analyst Tools –> Raster math –> int

Figure 1: Figure showing the raster math in Arc Toolbox window and the Int window for changing the floating raster to the Integer raster

This function would change the floating point raster to the integer raster.

3)      After you change the integer raster, then you should be able to change the raster into polygon.

4)      Go to Conversion Tools in Arc toolbox. Go to From Raster –> Raster to Polygon and choose the raster you want to change to polygon.

Note: You would be able to change only the integer raster to the polygon. The reason we changed to integer raster is to use the resulting raster to convert to the polygon shapefile.

Figure 2: Figure showing the raster to Polygon feature in Conversion tools and the Raster to Polygon window

5)      After the polygon is created we can use the clip tool to clip the features in the GIS.

Figure 3: Figure showing the Extract feature in the Arc toolbox and the expanded Clip feature


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