Converting HECRAS data into x,y,z form

HEC-RAS is a model that allows to perform one-dimensional steady
flow, unsteady flow, sediment transport/mobile bed computations, and water
temperature modeling.

THE data stored as geometry in HECRAS can be output into GIS data.
If the data stored in HECRAS were properly georeferenced while entering the
data the accurate set of data could be extracted from HECRAS.

In the main menu, Under the file tab, there is an option
to export GIS data. When we choose that option the following window appears.

Gis Export window

There are several options that are very useful. If we are
exporting the data without running the HEC-RAS model then our interest is on
the Geometry data Export Options section. Here we can export all the user
defined cross sections, or Interpolated cross sections (interpolated from
Model), reach lengths, bank stations and so on.

When we click on the export data tab, then the model saves the
data with the extension “*.sdf” at the desired location. The data file exported
can be viewed with notepad.

In the exported data, there are several information available such
as centerline of each river sections, cross sections of each river section.
Since we are interested on bathymetry we are more concerned about the cross
sections of each river sections.

Every crossection has the following information

The data shown in the above figure is in X,Y, and Z format.

This is how we can convert the HECRAS data into x,y, and z format that
can be used to define bathymetry in other models.

If you have any other ideas or appreciate this method please share your thoughts in the comment box.


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