Using EFDC Explorer to Set up the EFDC

EFDC Explorer, a pre processor and post processor developed from Dynamic Solutions can be used to faciliate the model input preparation, analysis, calibration etc. There are three versions of EFDC Explorer. They are Web version (free and hydrodynamic part only), trial version (30 days trial with full functions integrated) and full version (hydrodynamic, sediment transport and water quality).

Recently, a latest version of EFDC Explorer is released and the version is EE 6.

You can download EFDC Explorer on this website:

You can ask several EFDC related and EFDC Explorer related questions on their forum. However, the response from the forum is pretty slow.

Another advantage of using EFDC Explorer is that you can create the simple grids easily and you can import the grid created from several third party softwares.

I hope your simulation process gets rolling.

If you know any other non-commercial software or commercial software that can be used to pre process and post process EFDC model, please write in the comments.


4 comments on “Using EFDC Explorer to Set up the EFDC

  1. Hi EFDC Help,

    It is great to see this blog about EFDC. We hope it is helpful to many users.

    Also, thanks for visiting our site and posting on the forum. We hope many other EFDC users will start posting on it – both questions and answers.

    A new version of EFDC_Explorer6 has just been released, with bug fixes and new capabilities. Anyone interested may also see our latest newsletter here:

    • Hi EFDC Explorer Development Team,

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting here. I would like to help many other EFDC users. Thank you for letting me know that a new version of EFDC Explorer has been released.

  2. Please help me

    I have to run a sediment transport or water quality project by efdc explorer
    And I nead a version of efdc explorer for modeling
    Is it possible send me this software

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